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Loveliest Of The Plains (Redux)

Bama balked at Plainsman’s 1961 Loveliest of the Plains feature needling Bear Bryant over Darwin Holt incident vs. Georgia Tech

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The brazen, earth-friendly act of vandalism committed behind Denny Chimes before Alabama won its first national championship (in 1961)? It received nary a mention. No, what seemed to Bama’s SGA president a clear breech of the Auburn-Alabama Better Relations Committee pact to foster goodwill among the rivals leading up to …

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Noted Auburn alumnus bought, brought century-old eagle statues to Toomer’s Corner after spotting them in driveway of wealthy Philadelphian

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Last week we learned that what little we thought we knew about the history of the eagle statues at Toomer’s Corner was wrong, duh… because this is Auburn, and that’s what happens when you’re dealing with traditions tied to Toomer’s Corner (see: everything). But that century old Philly connection obviously …

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