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Auburn Basketball toys with China

Click / enlarge if you want to read about that time in 1980 that Auburn destroyed the Republic of China National Team in an exhibition basketball game in front of a “noisy crowd of 2,100 at Memorial Coliseum.” Sounds intense. War Eagle Supper Club ad for Starcruz  included for extra …

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Auburn Snow-women of 1968

Auburn boys will be boys, even when it’s freezing. From the Feb. 29, 1968 issue of the Plainsman: Related: Auburn students ambush Bama fan during 2010 snow day. … Keep Reading: * Katherine Webb and Aubie * Auburn football worth millions more than Bama football, says Wall Street Journal * …

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J.R. for President shirt, 1981

Larry Hagman passed away last month and now TNT is promising a funeral for J.R. Ewing in its “Dallas” reboot. So here’s an Auburn coed jogging (possibly still with a soft “j”) in a “J.R. for President” shirt in 1981. Not as good as a “Who Shot J.R.?” shirt, I …

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