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Comes To Auburn

Of Hamburgers and Hell Raising: Auburn students vandalize Jack’s restaurant to protest location, Crimson-ish colors

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Steak ‘n Shake coming to Tiger Town. Jack’s coming back to S. College.  Auburn’s classic burger joint revival is nigh. But Jack’s appeal to once-upon-the-Plains nostalgia could be lost on at least a certain segment of Auburn alumni who may remember the Birmingham-based fast food franchise’s first expansion into Auburn …

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‘Star Wars’ comes to Auburn

star wars ad village theater july 14 1977

In honor of May the Fourth, Star Wars Day, let’s take the best short-notice gander at the Force’s initial impact on Auburn we can. Star Wars got to Auburn a few weeks late, of course, but once it arrived it stayed, held over, a costume party-level hit–even with The Plainsman. …

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“Psycho” comes to Auburn

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Specifically the Tiger Theater, “Today” being Sept. 23, 1960. And Lord, don’t be late… Click here to check out our growing “Comes To Auburn” archive. … Keep Reading: * SHAKE IT, SHUG! * That time they burned the Glom * Auburn’s 1960 cheesecake schedule * I think of Kurt Crain …

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Opelika calls now local

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God only knows how many Lee County love affairs were cut short by the burdens of long-distance relationships back in the day. From the Aug. 12, 1959 issue of The Auburn Plainsman:… Keep Reading: * Bo Jackson and Bob Hope * I think of Kurt Crain * Secondhand Shug * Smithsonian …

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Streaking at Auburn, 1974

Picture 254

When I was 14 years old, I found a dirty book on the shelves in the front room of my childhood home in the Birmingham suburbs, alongside Anna Karenina, Robert Ludlum thrillers, Women Who Run with the Wolves, and several copies of Gone With The Wind. It was my mom’s yearbook from her freshman year at Auburn.

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