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Bama students vandalized their own campus with Auburn graffiti before the 1953 Iron Bowl

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In 1953, a Bama student, either out of self-loathing, or in an attempt to rile his team to victory in the upcoming Iron Bowl, painted not just random doors and alleys of his own campus with Auburn slogans, but Denny freakin' Chimes. So when someone tries to stop you from relieving yourself on the Saban statue at this year's game, just tell them: "I learned it from watching you."

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Watch the 1952 Auburn-Georgia game


I could write something about it, too, I guess. Or you can just watch it for yourself. It’s great. Shug walks up and down the sideline. Good times. Auburn probably would have fared better with Vince Dooley under center. He was hurt. Oh well. Georgia’s quarterback was that Zeke Bratkowski …

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Check out this suggestive 1972 ad for Auburn ROTC

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Mandatory ROTC at Auburn was done away with in 1970, and judging by this ad in a 1972 issue of Auburn Football Illustrated, the program’s numbers must have quickly taken a drastic hit. The promise of scholarship opportunities and monthly pay allowances and leadership training not connecting with potential cadets? …

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