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The Daily Believer: Random Notes, Posts, and Webphemera

Wisconsin man in Auburn sweatpants wins $1 million from Publisher’s Clearing House

The Greenbay Gazette was going for some nice detail to really put you there when, Karl Jonsson, an out-of-work electrician from Gresham, Wisconsin, opened the door to a million-dollar check from Publisher’s Clearing House: With his teenage daughter watching though a window, Jonsson stood in bare feet on the front …

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VIDEO: Watch an LSU fan eat a corn dog dangling from a drone at Auburn’s amazing Tigerprowler tailgate

How is this even a contest? Auburn fan Michael Garber and his legendary Tigerprowler have a bus with tequila coming out of it, a 30-foot deck on top with OSHA-certified handrails, sleeping accommodations for your friends… It’s so awesome, so welcoming even to rival fans that this lovely lass from …

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Young basketball trick shot group recreates Auburn’s Miracle in Jordan-Hare with a basketball, sinks shot off stadium’s upper deck

The great thing about this modern world and America and stuff is the freedom of self-expression. If you’re a grown man into My Little Pony, there’s an Auburn campus club for you. If you just want to hang out at Haley Center and smear frosting on your face, then yum …

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