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Photos from the camera Mr. Penny took to Glendale

2-1-2011 5-41-54

Johnny “Mr. Penny” Richmond is coming along—“He is alert and oriented. He is in his right mind; he’s really cognitively intact“—but he’s coming along slowly. His rehabilitation from the gunshot head injury he suffered in February 2012 is currently restricted to his home. The occupational therapists say the muscle-bound, perpetually cheery …

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Great photos from Auburn’s 1972 Wreck Tech Parade


Freshmen in pajamas technically reenacting the deliberate possible crashing of a passenger train—what wasn’t to love?! What’s not to miss?! Yes, sadly, save for a brief appearance in the mid-2000s, the cherished Wreck Tech parade disappeared from Auburn’s streets and yearbooks when Auburn and Georgia Tech discontinued their annual rivalry …

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Man or Astro-Man’s first photo shoot?


One of the actual facts inside their comic book of a back-story is the year the band started: 1992. So it seems entirely possible that the Plainsman negatives recently discovered by Orion and dated May 19, 1992 do indeed represent the first photo shoot of Auburn’s most They Were From …

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Picture Day: James Owens

smile small

In 1969, James Owens, uncle of Auburn defensive end LaDarius Owens, became Auburn’s first black football player. These days he’s not struggling with issues related to race but to his health—specifically his heart. He needs a new one. He was recently taken off the transplant waiting list due to his other …

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