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[UPDATED] Auburn man among real POWs featured in ‘Back To Bataan’; John Wayne film premiered at Tiger Theatre

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 1.07.11 PM

[UPDATE] After some digging in the Plainsman, we’ve learned that the world premiere of Back To Bataan was actually held at the Tiger Theatre, thanks of course to Green’s Auburn connection. He didn’t graduate from API. But he married an Auburn girl and they lived at 326 Armstrong Street, and hey, …

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Sense of humor, unique voice turn Meghan McCarthy into social media megastar; Auburn senior has more than a million followers on Vine

And we thought Sara Hopkins was amazing. Oh my Lord in heaven!

When Meghan McCarthy posted her impression of Boo from the Pixar movie Monster’s Inc. on Vine in August of 2013, she had 20 followers. Later that day she had a couple hundred. Now, barely six months later, McCarthy sits atop more than one million followers on Vine, almost 17,000 followers …

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