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Florida’s House of Representatives once again acknowledge Speaker’s Auburn loyalty on House floor, this time with an ‘Auburn burnt orange’ rifle

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When he got the gig, Rep. Steve Crisafulli got a gavel with a piece of the Toomer’s Oaks in it. Now in his final days on the job as the state of Florida’s new Speaker of the House of Representatives, his colleagues are once again acknowledging his out-of-state football proclivities. Despite being …

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This man had the most Auburn Thing name ever

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  Plenty of people have been named after Auburn Things. There are a few Jordans for Shug. Some Pats. Some Sullivans. Probably some Cams. There’s a Tiger (Shug gave him a scholarship) or two. There’s even an Auburn (who has to go by another name if he wants to work) and …

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VIDEO: Auburn fans share a ‘War Eagle’ during Lifeline portion on recent episode of ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’

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Miranda Gray was totally wrong about Michael Caine’s real name. But when it came to the initial words of encouragement for her pal Derick (which we all know are the most crucial part of the Plus One Lifeliner’s role), the 2001 Auburn grad nailed it. Miranda and Derick’s “War Eagle” …

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