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Celebrating Bama losses at Toomer’s Corner goes way back


There’s this modern, perfectly understandable notion that Auburn students celebrating Bama losses–or really anything other than an Auburn victory (or hope for a victory)–at Toomer’s Corner is some sort of SMH, kids-these-days sacrilege. You can totally think that. You may have shared Kevin Scarbinsky’s latest column on Facebook. Hey, you may even …

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Tornado-surviving Auburn fan refuses to say ‘Roll Tide’ on ABC’s ‘To Tell The Truth’, goes with ‘War Eagle’


Lauren Meneau has a southern accent. And she’s an Auburn fan. That’s all it took for Lara Spencer, David Arquette, Tom Bergeron and Sherri Shepherd to correctly guess that she spent several seconds inside a tornado and lived To Tell The Truth about it. All three Lauren Meneaus said they were …

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Watch Pat Dye lick sugar off of a football

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 1.36.22 PM

1983. Auburn 13, Georgia 7. Randy Campbell handed Coach the game ball. But not before he poured a packet of sugar onto the laces. Coach thanked Randy Campbell. Coach licked off the sugar. We’re the better for it. Related: Pat Dye builds a fence in Jordan-Hare. … Keep Reading: * …

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