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Genealogy of a Nickname: Zeke Smith

Zeke Smith (is the dude on the right, right?)

Auburn legend Zeke Smith passed away Friday at the age of 79. Now, if God decides to make a movie called “1950s Football Player,” I’m pretty sure He’ll cast Zeke for every role. That face. That body. That name. Or at least that nickname.   Because “Roger Smith” just doesn’t have the same …

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Former Miss Alabama turned Trump Train conductor Catherine Crosby Long sounds ‘War Eagle’ whistle during primetime RNC coverage

Screenshot 2016-07-21 20.14.45

Another night at the Republican National Convention, another loud primetime “War Eagle.’ Bill O’Reilly threw it down to Jesse Watters on the floor of the Republican National Convention. He talked to Trump supporter Catherine Crosby Long. Watters knew Long was a former Miss Alabama (2003). He didn’t know she was an Auburn …

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‘War Eagle’ shouted during Alabama delegation introduction at Republican National Convention

Screenshot 2016-07-19 17.51.20

That’s one “Rubio,” 13 “Cruz,” 36 “Trump”… and (courtesy Auburn Mobile Auburn Club advisory board member and Alabama Republican Party chairman Terry Lathan, of the Toomer’s eagle statue-restoring Lathan Company Lathans) three “War Eagle.” When you realize you blinked since 1988 NOLA RNC convention and its 28 yrs later in @2016CLE …

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