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Sleigh Bells bring out the pompoms

Did you do your best today?

Ed. note — Regarding our “Auburn only” guidelines, TWER’s music content, for a variety of reasons, has been less than strict. We regularly make room for stories on bands playing in Birmingham (but most of them are playing the Bottle Tree, which is run by Auburn folk, so hey). And ...

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Las chicas del Bombon llegado a Auburn.


Two weekends ago, Bombon’s Angela Ramos, 25, went to the flea market — they call them swap meets out west — to prepare for tour. She was looking for sunglasses. She wound up with a Ventures record. That seems like the way the guitarist for a girl surf band from San Pedro, ...

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We’ve got Delta Spirit – how ’bout you?

This is a good band.

“It’s kind of a life-changer, I guess,” says Jon Jameson, co-founder and bassist for rootsy Southern California quintet Delta Spirit, on the band’s 2008 appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. “I mean, a lot of bands get on Conan – or got on Conan – and all the other ...

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Mates of State’s Jason Hammel on football

Be true to your school, baby.

You’d think that the drummer for one of the most acclaimed indie-rock acts of the 2000’s would quickly answer “uh, no.” But if you’re thinking Jason Hammel of Mates of State, you’d be wrong. “Football? I played football in high school,” Hammel says. “I was actually captain of the varsity ...

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Taylor Hollingsworth @ The Independent, Friday 4/16

taylor hollsingsworth

Taylor Hollingsworth, Birmingham’s resident acoustic genius (and Conor Oberst confederate), will get his folksy nasal on this Friday night at The Independent. Hollingsworth recently gave Auburn its rock ‘n’ roll propers in an interview with Paste Magazine: Paste: Yet in Life With a Slow Ear and some of your other ...

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Japandroids on house show energy, stupid band names


Yes, they’ve heard of Japancakes (Athens). Yes, they’ve heard of – even played with – Japanther (Brooklyn). Yes, hindsight is 20/20 – even in Canada (Vancouver). “Yeah, maybe we would have taken it a little more seriously if we knew what was going to happen,” says Japandroids’ Brian King a ...

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The First Rule of Alt-Country: Don’t talk about Alt-Country


The idea that he and others of his rootsy ilk have sired something magically, musically alt-original sends guitarist Brian Venable’s eyes rolling. For over 10 years, Venable’s band Lucero has been one of the better-known acts blessed and cursed by the “alt-country” label, a know-it-when-you-hear-it catch-all coined for hipsters who ...

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