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The Wishbone Podcast: 2014 Signing Day Analysis

“They sound like they’ve been hired by IBM or Xerox when they go to Alabama.” You can Van and John’s already best-selling Auburn football book, Decades of Dominance, is here. Hit them up on the Twitter: @auwishbone / @jkringer / @vanallenplexico. Email the show at auwishbone@gmail.com And listen to past …

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Niffer’s in Auburn introduces ‘Gus Bus’ burger

When Niffer’s starts naming burgers of the month after Auburn football players or coaches or whatever, you know it’s been a good year (here’s what hit the menu this week in 2011).  #tributeburgers Related: Auburn restaurant Niffer’s Place celebrating Iron Bowl with take-out boxes. … For a $10 donation to …

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Great photos from Auburn’s 1972 Wreck Tech Parade

Freshmen in pajamas technically reenacting the deliberate possible crashing of a passenger train—what wasn’t to love?! What’s not to miss?! Yes, sadly, save for a brief appearance in the mid-2000s, the cherished Wreck Tech parade disappeared from Auburn’s streets and yearbooks when Auburn and Georgia Tech discontinued their annual rivalry …

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Robenson Therezie’s Auburn tattoo

Adding to the visual delights at Auburn’s Wednesday’s practice was Robenson Therezie’s (new?) Auburn tattoo: an eagle coming on the clouds of the late 70s, beneath a “War Eagle,” and through not just an “A” but, as Riley notes, the interlocking an “AU.” It’s a nifty twist on a classic …

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