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Big opportunities still abound for Auburn

There was definitely hot seat talk. That’s what happen when you set that bar almost as high as it can go in your first season. Five losses (including that deflating, doinked Outback Bowl defeat) in 2014. Six losses and an uninspiring (if victorious) trip to the Birmingham Bowl last year isn’t how you …

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Gov. Bentley announces new gaming council


Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announced that he would be creating a new Advisory Council for electronic gaming in order to help progress the state’s gaming laws. “The subject of gaming in Alabama has been the subject of dispute and controversy in Alabama for years,” said Bently, who went on to …

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VIDEO: Auburn fans share a ‘War Eagle’ during Lifeline portion on recent episode of ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’

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Miranda Gray was totally wrong about Michael Caine’s real name. But when it came to the initial words of encouragement for her pal Derick (which we all know are the most crucial part of the Plus One Lifeliner’s role), the 2001 Auburn grad nailed it. Miranda and Derick’s “War Eagle” …

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The Wishbone Podcast: 2014 Signing Day Analysis

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“They sound like they’ve been hired by IBM or Xerox when they go to Alabama.” You can Van and John’s already best-selling Auburn football book, Decades of Dominance, is here. Hit them up on the Twitter: @auwishbone / @jkringer / @vanallenplexico. Email the show at [email protected] And listen to past …

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