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Can Whitlock Coach the Undefeated Team?

It’s an oversimplification worth heeding: Journalists should never be in charge of anything. Don’t ever say to a columnist, “If you’re so smart, why don’t you do something other than criticize?” Too risky. We can organize words, sentences and paragraphs into an article. Beyond that, we struggle to organize a …

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O’Really, Mother Jones?

Please forgive a topic unrelated to sports, but the recent Mother Jones article about Bill O’Reilly’s supposed wartime exaggerations deserves comment. It is more a demonstration of the absurdity of 2015-era media than a serious ethical discussion. A couple of weeks after Brian Williams was suspended by NBC because of …

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Media Daze

Disclosure: Auburn journalism faculty member and season ticket holder here. You can judge from this and other writing if I live up to my claim of promoting responsible journalism over fandom. Coach Gus Malzahn’s decision to remove quarterback Nick Marshall from Auburn’s SEC Media Days roster met with much disappointment. …

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The Ethics of Everything, All the Time

This go-round, John Carvalho looks at how sports journalism ethics have changed as technology has changed.  You can offer your thoughts as sports content readers below as well, and John will respond as appropriate.  He promises to behave too. See if you can guess which ESPN personality made the following …

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Real Professors of Auburn University

The origins of those national headlines about A.J. McCarron and Katherine Webb’s wedding being a reality show?  My 2 p.m. Reporting class, I suspect. And once it broke, it left me thinking about the ethics of being a university journalism professor — when to break news and when to hold …

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