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From the Tweet Seats with @KennySmith

@kennysmith does The Celebration (with commentary by Kenny Smith)

Think of that feeling of the opening weekend of the season. Anything is possible and the opponent isn't one you're really very concerned about. You're just full of optimism about what you'll see that season. It is a carefree feeling, heading inside when it isn't LSU or Georgia or Alabama across the way. That's a great way to walk inside the old stadium. This was like that, but perhaps better.

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@KennySmith does Georgia (with commentary by Kenny Smith)

The South’s Oldest Rivalry, a bitter, bitter affair some years. This turned out to be one of those years. On the line for Georgia, the possibility to turn around a bad season (their worst in more than a decade) by beating second-ranked Auburn. For Auburn, a win meant a trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship. The Tigers were looking to snap a four-game losing streak against the Bulldogs. And, of course, there’s all of that Cameron Newton controversy.

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