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Alma Martyr with Jeremy Henderson

John Travolta in an Auburn shirt, or My Love for ‘A Love Song For Bobby Long’

Picture 72

Some give it great reviews, some give it terrible reviews, some mediocre, whatever. Maybe I give “Love Song for Bobby Long” (2004) a pass because, whoa, is that a hungover John Travolta getting out of bed half-naked in a vintage Auburn T-shirt? And is he hitting on that waitress in ...

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If 3-2 is All You See, Then You Don’t See Me – a retrospective

EDSBS‘ brilliantly produced tribute to “The Worst/Best SEC Football Game Ever Played”… … has me reflecting this afternoon on my own experience watching the 2008 Auburn-Mississippi State game… out in Tuberville Country. A look back then… at the passion, at the confusion, at the pre-TWER.com relations and references inside the ...

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