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Bo Knows Blog: Maybe you’ve heard of him

Bo Jackson brought Herschel Walker to the stage during the 1985 Heisman banquet to tell him ‘I’m prettier’

Before presenting the Gospel at the Heisman banquet 30 years ago, Bo Jackson did something very Christ-like. He humbled himself, pretending that he and Herschel Walker were the same mold of athlete in order to make the young man feel special. There were similarities, he admitted, after asking Walker to …

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Bo Knows Parodies

It’s easy to forget just how deep it got into America’s cultural DNA. But man, if there’s a textbook example of a meme (at least if the textbook was published before the advent of freaking “meme generators”), “Bo Knows” was it. War Eagle. Take it away, YouTube… Mike Knows Underwriting: …

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Bo Jackson vs. Bee

Bo never had a problem with Yellow Jackets. And yet… So… Brian Bosworth = A literal pushover. Brian Buzzworth = Bo’s Worst Nightmare. Thankfully, Bo “recaptured his manhood” with the cracking of his 14th homer of the year (1993) for the White Sox, otherwise his legacy could have been significantly …

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Rare European version of Nike’s legendary ‘Bo Knows’ commercial kinda shows how far soccer has come in America

So there’s a rare, little-known version of the Bo Knows commercial that not even the magic of YouTube has conjured from the vaults. No, not that extended “biker chicks” version. I’m talking about the one that aired only in Europe, but still where the teenagers apparently learned English just to …

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