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Team of Density

George McFly had it right. Which is not to say I have any bone to pick with any one who uses the term “team of destiny” to describe the past month of Auburn football. As professor Jolley so ably wrote earlier this week, selecting the right clutch of words to …

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Seasonthoughts, Clemsonthoughts

Hi, I’m Jerry. If you’re a newish TWER reader, you might not know me. I used to write here a lot. I’d like to write here more often. But at least I’m writing here today. In two parts: Seasonthoughts: the Reboot I didn’t see the new Spiderman movie. I have …

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I am saying there’s a chance

I believe Auburn has a chance to win Saturday's game in Baton Rouge. Not a great chance. Not even a good chance. It's barely a puncher's chance, since the Auburn offense isn't capable of doing much punching these days, likely even less against LSU's band of merry defensive monsters in Death Valley. But a chance. I believe it's there.

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Aggiethoughts, etc.

First, an apology; the A-U Pre-view did not get done. Sorry. The remaining planned posts were one profiling the defense (obviously), and one wrapping up the series with a game-by-game review of the schedule and a final prediction for the season. I hated not getting to them, but I was …

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2011 A-U Pre-view: The Offense

Part 2 of now-I’m-thinking-4 or 5. Hopefully. Previously: The season of what is possible. The past two preseasons I’ve devoted an entire post to each unit of the new Auburn team, but — as the old saying goes — time, day jobs, and 11-month-olds make fools of us all. So for …

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