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The History of Jordan-Hare Stadium — Part One

Aerial view of Cliff Hare Stadium and fallen Gators taken in 1957.

If football is truly a religion in the American South, then Jordan-Hare Stadium is a grand cathedral. To this special place, the faithful roll in for games like pilgrims headed to Mecca. More than a simple sports arena, the structure holds a special place in the hearts of Auburn people, as the scene of some of the happiest memories of their lives. It indeed borders on a level of spirituality, the attachment of these people to this stadium.

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Personal Fowler: The Incident on the set of Gameday at the 1995 Iron Bowl


Mr. Plexico's debut column reads like Agatha Christie: "I was by that point well into year nine of my Eight Year Plan for earning college degrees and obtaining student tickets—with the emphasis probably more on the tickets, to be honest. So I had no business trying to squeeze in with a bunch of undergrads nearly ten years younger than me, just for the sake of yelling and booing on cue for the ESPN cameras. No business at all..."

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