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On the draftability of Carl Lawson

Auburn Defensive End #55 Senior, 6’2″ 255 Carl Lawson is a linear athlete that has shown the ability to win with hand use and head fakes. Good: – Excellent first step – Effective head fakes – Strong and active hands – Uses some counters – Closing speed in the pocket …

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Watch Pat Dye lick sugar off of a football

1983. Auburn 13, Georgia 7. Randy Campbell handed Coach the game ball. But not before he poured a packet of sugar onto the laces. Coach thanked Randy Campbell. Coach licked off the sugar. We’re the better for it. Related: Pat Dye builds a fence in Jordan-Hare. … Keep Reading: * …

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Check out this suggestive 1972 ad for Auburn ROTC

Mandatory ROTC at Auburn was done away with in 1970, and judging by this ad in a 1972 issue of Auburn Football Illustrated, the program’s numbers must have quickly taken a drastic hit. The promise of scholarship opportunities and monthly pay allowances and leadership training not connecting with potential cadets? …

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Big opportunities still abound for Auburn

There was definitely hot seat talk. That’s what happen when you set that bar almost as high as it can go in your first season. Five losses (including that deflating, doinked Outback Bowl defeat) in 2014. Six losses and an uninspiring (if victorious) trip to the Birmingham Bowl last year isn’t how you …

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Gov. Bentley announces new gaming council

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announced that he would be creating a new Advisory Council for electronic gaming in order to help progress the state’s gaming laws. “The subject of gaming in Alabama has been the subject of dispute and controversy in Alabama for years,” said Bently, who went on to …

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