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Being OK with Bert

I’ve been to Arkansas once. Or rather, I have been through Arkansas once. I drove through a corner of it during a cross country trip that started in Alabama and ended in Hawaii (full disclosure: I didn’t drive the last leg). Arkansas is pleasant enough, if you don’t stop while …

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Auburn Softball rules

You will have to forgive me, but what follows is social commentary. I know, we get preached at enough from all corners, but in this you will have to indulge me. Auburn University (my alma mater) has a softball team. It’s had one for almost 20 years. And to be …

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Damn you, Auburn

Damn you, Auburn. Damn you for making me care. Damn you for being irresistible. Damn you for making me fall in love with you. Not your football team, but you. All of you. Your campus, your city, your academics, your history, your townspeople and your culture. Damn you for being …

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