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Easy prayer before Amen Corner

Last time you'll see Chris Todd on the sideline wearing a visor.

The Auburn Tigers bombed the Furman Paladins 63-31 in front of a Saturday afternoon Homecoming crowd. The win was expected as was the relative ease with which it was achieved. When you’re facing an opponent at a clear disadvantage in terms of talent, there are three things that must be …

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Auburn Victory-a!

Casual Auburn

How will Victoria Jackson cheer on Saturday? Will she cheer for Furman because it was her first choice? Will she root for Auburn because it was her last? Will she shout "War Eagle" or "Hail the White and Purple"? And will she do it while standing on her head?

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GH08TS of Failure Past


Ugh. No. Pain. Walk around. C'mon. We can do it. Good Lord... are you kiddin'? Pain. No. Walk around. We gotta go for it. Sigh. C'mon. OK. Starting to look too damn familiar. Pain. Here we go. Ugh. Walk around. Yes. No. Flip the channel. Flip it back. War Eagle. Seriously? Seriously. Pain. Oh well. Two years in a row we've killed their quarterback. C'mon. Good job Caudle. Eff you LSU. Sigh. Walk around. Sleep. Sunday. War Eagle.

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Can Tigers stop slide when ‘Cats come calling?


A week after being punched in the face and abused like a nerd at a biker convention by the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Auburn Tigers have the opportunity to show the college football world how this team and its new coaching staff respond to adversity when the Kentucky Wildcats come calling …

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Bringing home the bacon

"My God... man doesn't even cast a shadow."

Arthur Gustav Malzahn III will be loaded for bear heading back to his home state - bear and hog. And when his 5th ranked offense starts firing on Arkansas' 97th ranked defense, things could get ugly - ugly and beautiful. Kevin Strickland shows you how this SEC West showdown will be won.

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Eric Buried


Eric Berry for Heisman? Sorry, but no. Auburn running back Ben Tate derailed that fleeting notion when he lowered his shoulder in the third quarter and flung the Tennessee safety through the air like a rag doll. Heisman Trophy candidates do not fly backward through the air for five full …

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