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John Magruder has been going to Auburn games since before he was born, and when Bo went over the top, he was at Legion Field. Some mothers play Mozart to their developing progeny. John was raised on the roars of the Tiger faithful.

Thayer’s always last week: Evans consoles himself with (more) anonymous sources, goofy logic

Thayer Evans

The latest Thayer Evans piece has plopped onto the interwebs, complete with "many" anonymous head coaches who are "fuming" at the NCAA and trying to take anonymous, nebulous stands regarding yesterday's dangerous precedent. Give it a read if you missed your daily frisson of rage - as with every way Evans has been involved in the Cam saga, it's completely stupid.

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Objection! Honest Logic vs. Clay Travis

clay clay travis

Magruder took the opportunity of the weekend pause in the Cam Cycle to clean the Clay Travis off the fan, specifically the claims from Travis' recent Fanhouse piece in which he outlines several ways that Cam could be ruled ineligible by SEC bylaws. Now, Magruder ain't no Vandy-trained lawyer. But he has a hard time believing that ol' Clay is correct.

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