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Jeremy Henderson is the editor of The War Eagle Reader. War Eagle.

Gatorade couldn’t help favored Florida beat Auburn in 1965

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Florida is commemorating the 50th anniversary of Gatorade Saturday. They will not commemorate the 50th anniversary of their 1965 game against Auburn. Because despite the magical new energy elixir powering the team (or at least part of it or something) to a winning season, they lost—again. And they weren’t just flavored—they were favored, ...

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Watch a Navy SEAL do a huge ‘War Eagle!’ cheer on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

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For years—literally years—we’ve pondered the preponderance of Auburn references on prime time TV. And for once, we may have an answer. Because for months—literally months—screenwriter / showrunner Jeffrey Lieber, who late last year did some Skyping with an AU MDIA class, has been trying to work in a “War Eagle” into ...

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Super Nova: Auburn’s video board crew says distract-the-kicker eagle death stare graphic was a spur of the moment decision that everyone loved—but will they do it again?

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Yes, they’d heard about the Dramatic Chipmunk thing Minnesota was doing. And yes, they had thought about doing something similar, just because when you have a 190 x 57 weapon like that, it’d almost be a shame not to. But believe it or not, Super Nova was totally spur of ...

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