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About TWER


What is The War Eagle Reader?

Part city paper, part game-day program, part yearbook, part academic journal, part Beat novel, The War Eagle Reader is a online-publication dedicated to the proposition that all college towns are not created equal.

… which is to say that TWER is for Auburn people, about Auburn people, and by Auburn people, and completely lacking in objectivity.

Regularly updated with news, photos, commentary, profiles, and in-depth features pertaining to these, our “lovely bowers of innocence and ease,” TWER chronicles and celebrates Auburn’s past and present superiority the way it should be – with freaking passion.

We believe in Auburn. We love it. War Eagle, ya’ dig?


about-photoJeremy Henderson, Editor & Coach

Jeremy graduated from Auburn in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. In July 2009 he returned to the Plains to start The War Eagle Reader after 11 months in Lubbock, Texas where he won some awards as a newspaper features writer. He suffers from intense second-hand nostalgia and for the past five years has been writing a critically acclaimed book about Auburn’s experience with streaking in 1974. He likes to watch TV with his wife and jump on the trampoline with his daughter. He likes kudzu. He believes. You can keep up with him at The Ol’ Post-College Try. You can write to him at [email protected].

twitmeKenny Smith, Assistant Editor & Columnist

Kenny Smith has been online since he went to Auburn. Now he teaches journalism and online media for a living. You can find him online at www.kennysmith.org, and on Twitter @kennysmith. Write to him at [email protected].

jerry-hinnenJerry Hinnen, Managing Editor – War Blog Eagle

Jerry calls the plays and runs the routes for War Blog Eagle, the most prolific, best-written, most comprehensive, highest-quality Auburn fanblog ever. After earning a Master’s degree from Auburn in 2003, he served as Sports Editor for a handful of community newspapers in Alabama and Michigan before moving with his wife to Chinle, Arizona. He thanks God for satellite television and the Internet. Earlier measures of his devotion to Auburn athletics (and mid-major hoops) can be enjoyed at the historic Joe Cribbs Car Wash. Write to him at [email protected]

37cdd69f994df1df66f86e90707e5e02Justin Lee, Sports Writer and Columnist Emeritus

Justin Lee graduated from Auburn University in 2013 and currently pulls in a paycheck from the Opelika-Auburn News, but his true journalistic joy comes from thinking about all the stories he once wrote for TWER. His approach to journalism is inspired by the most hardcore gangster rap the 90’s had to offer, which would be on his iPod if he could afford one. He writes all things sports at The War Eagle Reader and hopes to one day make a living off of his “writing.” Contact him [email protected] and follow him on Twitter: @byjustinlee.

DSCF2788Ben Bartley, Columnist, Features Writer 

Ben is an Auburn grad and sometimes writer who lives here and there.



21jolley-500Dr. Kelly Jolley, Columnist & Philosopher

Dr. Jolley is a professor in the Department of Philosophy at Auburn University. He works in the theory of judgment, the history of 20th- Century philosophy, metaphilosophy and philosophical psychology. He also likes football and was recently profiled by The New York Times. His book “The Concept ‘Horse’ Paradox and Wittgensteinian Conceptual Investigations” was published in 2007.  “Leisure with Dignity,” his column for TWER, runs bi-monthly to monthly to annually. Write to him at [email protected].

jenniebioJennie Henderson, Writer

Jennie graduated from Auburn in 2008 with a degree in English. She currently spends her days in an office listening to the “hold please” musical stylings of various 800 numbers and beating Excel spreadsheets into submission. She spends her other time with her husband and daughter. Write to her at [email protected]