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Watch a Navy SEAL do a huge ‘War Eagle!’ cheer on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

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For years—literally years—we’ve pondered the preponderance of Auburn references on prime time TV. And for once, we may have an answer.

Because for months—literally months—screenwriter / showrunner Jeffrey Lieber, who late last year did some Skyping with an AU MDIA class, has been trying to work in a “War Eagle” into an episode of NCIS: New Orleans.

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Tuesday night, he succeeded. He soooo succeeded.

After she leads a Navy SEAL she’s trying to butter up in a huge “Warrrr Eagle,” new Special Agent Sonja Percy introduces herself by saying “My time at Auburn really defined my character, made me who I am today.”

(So sure, she technically graduated from the vastly inferior Tulane and was just trying to work the guy for a case—she did a good job. I choose to think of it like Paul would.)

Lieber must be a stickler for realism — the founder of the Navy SEAL team that killed Osama Bin Laden is also an Auburn grad.

Here are some wacky Auburn references and appearances on TV show:

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