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  1. The more obvious figure and building that needs to be addressed would be Wallace Hall, named after George Wallace.

  2. As an Industrial Design grad, I always thought it was odd that Auburn would have a building named after George Wallace. Not just because he was the poster child racist southern governor, but he was also a huge bammer. If Auburn renames any building, that is a good place to start. I doubt a whole lot of people know who Comer and Graves were. I say this as someone who can’t stand the whole PC crowd going around looking for stuff to be offended by.

  3. Wallace is an obvious problem, of course, but given the recent controversy about Civil War-era people and symbols, I wanted to go back a little further.

  4. Why should Wallace be an issue? I am not a fan of Wallace (my father was in the National Guard sent to Tuscaloosa to remove him from the doorway). He repented and later garnered the vote of the African-American community. Do we need change the name of our nations capital? We change it to Adams or Douglas.

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