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  1. I am a graduate of The University of Alabama, and as I read this, I couldn’t stop the flow of tears down my face. You see, Auburn saved my dog in much the same way. It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving when my Bryant slipped a disc in his spine and was paralyzed. He had no deep pain sensation and a 5-20% chance of recovering, even after the surgery. The vets/students were waiting on us when we got there. He was treated like royalty. We were given the utmost respect, despite the Bama tshirts we had hastily thrown on after church — we didn’t even think about them on the way up there, we just wanted my baby to be okay. They didn’t have to be as kind as they were. When my dog, Bear, had to be put down, we donated money to the Auburn Small Animal Clinic in his memory. While I am a Bama grad, I believe in the Auburn animal clinic…and love it.

  2. Our vet here in Atlanta area is an Auburn grad. We call her “Dr. War Eagle” after she saved our pup’s life when other attempts were unsuccessful. We believe in Auburn’s Vet program and love it!

  3. I can speak of similar AUmazing care and treatment at AUBURN’s small animal clinic. My Bo was a referral to the oncology unit from an Auburn vet in Atlanta. He had a fast-growing squamous cell carcinoma on his nose. Was told only option in ATL was a “plastic surgeon” (yes, really!). The main waiting room was packed that day – seemed my German-born Bo was the only one not named Aubie! 🙂 Was amazed when I learned that my 35-pound English Cocker Spaniel was being cared for by no less than 4-5 people!! They removed the Cancer that day with liquid nitrogen. The care, phone calls and followup afterwards were amazing. No other way to describe it. I STILL speak the praises of the Auburn veterinary school! Amazing facility that instilled great pride in this Auburn grad.

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