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Lighting system may turn new Toomer’s Corner orange and blue during football games

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The latest conceptual rendering of the City of Auburn’s contribution to Toomer’s 2.0 shows a permanent tiger paw design in the center of the intersection, which would be formed by the color of new brick pavers. Come fall, the corner may be cast in orange and blue lights via an LED lighting system.

According to the latest redevelopment update, Toomer’s Corner is one step closer to becoming a veritable Auburn theme park.

According to City of Auburn Public Works Director Jeff Ramsey, the new traffic poles will feature LED lights system” that can change color for special events.”

Guess which colors?

Some of the new seating to installed at the intersection will also likely double as Auburn-themed luminaries.

“They (the lights) can actually change colors, so during the football game we may have them orange and blue,” Ramsey told the Auburn Villager. “We’re even looking when we put the traffic signals up at having some LED lights there that can shine down and change the color of light in the intersection.”

You can read more about the redevelopment here.

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