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Does Will Muschamp want to be a head coach again?

[Photo: Zachary Bland]
[Photo: Zachary Bland]
Defensive coordinator. Head coach in waiting. Head coach. Back to defensive coordinator. It has to be weird.

But judging by the response to the question, asked Saturday at his (re) introductory press conference, of whether he wanted to be a head coach again, Will Muschamp is handling it pretty well.

“Certainly, I think you would always like to have that opportunity again, but you always want to be in a situation where they have the resources for you to be successful and they have the support like a place like Auburn for you to be successful and win championships. For me, it’s not just about being a head coach, it’s about being somewhere where you know that you are going to get the support, the resources and the finances to be successful and win championships, so for me it’s not just about being a head coach. I’d rather be a defensive coordinator at a place like Auburn where you know you can go compete for championships every year, and that’s what we plan on doing.”

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