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The story behind the long-lost video of Gus Malzahn breakdancing to ‘U Can’t Touch This’

UPDATE: Auburn fan wears T-shirt with ‘Can’t Touch This’ printed beneath 1990s photo of Gus Malzahn to weekly ‘Tiger Talk’ radio broadcast.

UPDATE: Players react.

In 2010, Gus Malzahn told us rap really wasn’t his thing. Now this surfaces…

It’s like we don’t even know who he is… (Can’t see it? Try here.)

Except, of course, now we actually know him even better. That was the whole point of the tape, or at least that’s what it was eventually used for. The seniors on the Shiloh Christian football team would come over to the Malzahns and Kristi would break out the tape. Sure, he says he doesn’t have a personality. But would a man with no personality do this?

“I did it as their (the seniors) going away (gift),” Kristi Malzahn, Gus’ wife, says. “They would come to the house for dinner and I showed them his lighter side.

“They loved it.”

It is a minute long video of the New Ball Coach dancing—even at times break dancing—to MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This produced with the best special effects 1982 had to offer. Except it was shot in 1996. It’s one of those things you used to do at amusement parks and stuff. You walk up to the booth, slap down some twenties, choose your song, go pick up one of the fake saxophones or guitars and pretend you’re on MTV (a decade earlier, the quality typically being what it was) while your family laughs and laughs.

Malzahn did it on a dare—from his dad, “Big Gus”, no less—while on vacation to Six Flags Over Texas in Dallas. A family friend, the mustachioed man manning the Casio, was there to share a little bit of the spotlight. But Malzahn is the star.

Screenshot 2014-11-03 08.10.45
Please Hammer, don’t hurt’em.

“We watched them through a window along with everyone passing by,” Kristi says. “It was quite funny.”

Malzahn says she hadn’t seen the video in years.

“It was like Bigfoot,” she says. “I have been looking… we had lost it for a while.”

The Internet found it late Sunday night.

“I believe this video was made while he was head coach of Shiloh Christian High School, but I’m not completely certain,” YouTube user Remington Meyers wrote on the video’s YouTube page. “I have a copy of it on my 2001 Springdale High School Highlights DVD created by Mark Young.”

Malzahn says she doesn’t remember it being part of any Springdale production. But whatever—at least she has it now. We all do. It now belongs to the world.

“Gus is a lot of fun,” she says. “He just hides it well.”

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