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Lewis Grizzard’s thoughts on the 1986 Auburn-Georgia game ‘between the hoses’


Screenshot 2014-11-14 09.22.24Lewis Grizzard wrote that he loved David Housel. He wrote he thought Auburn fans had class. Despite being a devout Georgia fan, he even wrote one of the finest columns on the Amazins you’ll ever read. But he turned his typewriter on us after the 1986 Georgia game.

(See if you can guess which former Birmingham Commissioner for Public Safety he compared “the jerk who ordered the water hoses turned on” to before you get to the end.)

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As fate would have it, the columnist was scheduled for a speaking appearance at Auburn the following January. He opened with a hoses joke.

“Well, it’s not as wet as it was the last time I was here,” he told 4,400 folks in Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum before calling the Auburn-Georgia “one of the greatest examples of sociological progress” he’d ever seen. You know, because a black man was operating one of the water cannons. And most of the Georgia fans on the field were white.

He also called Bama coach Bill Curry a pretty boy.

“For his finale, Grizzard shouted a light-heated ‘War Eagle,’ which received the loudest ovation of them all,” the Plainsman wrote. “He swore he would never do that again.”

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