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Watch the 1993 and 1994 Auburn episodes of Florida Football Highlights with Steve Spurrier

I’m supplementing the meager Auburn-South Carolina history stories with old Spurrier stuff (when he was at Florida. And San Francisco). Since we won’t see the Gators again until 2094 or something (unless they decide to start playing football and meet us in Atlanta), I feel good about it. The man is the Gamecocks’ coach; I say it counts.


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“I’m not supposed to talk about the officiating,” the Ol’ Ball Coach told Mick Hubert, the Florida Football Highlights guy. But he did. There were actually several calls Spurrier took issue with in Auburn’s glorious 1993 upset of the Gators. But the one that really stuck in his craw was a late hit call after Frank Sanders and Florida safety Lawrence Wright (I think) “sorta collide outta bounds”.

“That’s awful close there.” Maybe by 1993 standards. Rightly or wrongly, dude would probably be ejected or something today.

(Can’t see the video? Try here.)


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A year later, he knew it wasn’t luck, it wasn’t bad calls.

“I got to give Auburn credit—I think maybe they’re a little bit better team than we’re all givin’ them credit for being,” Spurrier told Mick.

“They keep throwin’ it up for Frankie Sanders, No. 81. He’s made a lot of big catches for’em the last couple of years, and he made another one on us.”

“Well, Mick, you gotta admit it: They outplayed us, out-coached us, out-hit us, out-hustled us…. you gotta give Auburn credit, they’ve won them all.”

Early ’90s Fun fact: The Florida’s On Their Way To Losing music is the same as the Auburn’s On Their Way To Winning song. Listen for it.

(Can’t see the video? Try here.)

h/t Auburn Obsessive.

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