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VIDEO: Watch an LSU fan eat a corn dog dangling from a drone at Auburn’s amazing Tigerprowler tailgate

This happened.
This happened.

How is this even a contest? Auburn fan Michael Garber and his legendary Tigerprowler have a bus with tequila coming out of it, a 30-foot deck on top with OSHA-certified handrails, sleeping accommodations for your friends… It’s so awesome, so welcoming even to rival fans that this lovely lass from LSU (who really wishes that dude she’s with was in an Auburn shirt) feels totally comfortable not just being there but being filmed eating a corn dog dangling from a drone (we heard about you, LSU).

(Can’t see the video? Try here.)

Meanwhile, the guys from Oklahoma painted some trashcans red. And yet somehow they’re in first place of Tailgate Rivals’ Ultimate Tailgate competition. Feel free to help change that. You can go here and vote and vote again. It’s pretty easy. No logging in. No having to share it with the world. Just click and click and click and feel good. Because Garber and Co. deserve the title of Bud Light’s Official Ultimate Tailgate. And in order to get it, they have to pull ahead of the Sooners and their exotic cheese-wrapped hot dogs by noon Wednesday. Here’s their entry video. (Can’t see it? Try here.)

Here’s more drone footage of the Tigerprowler’s LSU tailgate. You don’t actually see the corndog when it’s in the air, but you can see the desire in the eyes of the LSU fans he flies it toward. (Can’t see it? Try here.)

Again, go here to vote. Upper left-hand corner.

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