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Tuberville-era Auburn football game shows up in ‘Parenthood’ episode—again

Officially weird.
Officially weird. This time it’s a game from 2004.

An Auburn game was on the television(s) in the background of an episode of Parenthood. Again. That’s two in less than a year. I could try to get cutesy with it again. Man, looks like ol’ Craig T. Nelson is really trying to keep those coaching skills sharp. Last November, he was watching the 2006 Auburn-South Carolina game on repeat when he should have been spending time with Lorelai Gilmore, and Thursday night he has them put a replay of the 2004 Auburn-Arkansas game on every television at the bar while Dax Shepherd is trying to have a heart-to-heart.

But it’s time to stop just looking for some words to garnish the video for another post and try to do some actual detective work into just why the all these network creatives deem the warm glow of an Auburn victory crucial to the ambiance of various comedies, dramedies, and crime dramas. By my count, that’s at least six—six broadcasts of old, two-coaches-ago Auburn football games (mostly Iron Bowls, actually) that have popped up in the background (and in one case actually been discussed) in various prime time programs—in three years. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

Here’s the breakdown (with links):

* Body of Proof (ABC)
* The Mentalist (CBS)
* Animal Practice (NBC)
* Parenthood (NBC)
* The Mindy Project (Fox)
* Parenthood (NBC)

It’s awesome, but it’s also just weird. It’s officially weird. (And this one’s all the weirder since there was an episode of House Hunters that had footage from an Auburn game that aired at the same time.)

A Dye-hard post-production assistant common to all of them? A random licensing blip we only notice when it’s orange and blue? I’m sure there’s a simple explanation. But I almost hope it’s a complicated explanation. I’m getting to the bottom of it, either way. It’s time.

Eagle Eye Awards: Davis, Levi Elliott, Steve Landrum, Patrick McMurry, Tanner Bain, Jason Slye, Mark McLaughlin; Video: Jeff Poor.

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