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The Flavorite Chip of the SPC: A compilation of Terry Bowden’s first commercials as Auburn’s coach

The Sunday after Auburn’s 1993 season opener against Ole Miss saw Terry Bowden’s debut on the Auburn Football Review (which you watch here). It also saw the debut of Terry Bowden the Auburn Sponsors Spokesman. There he is having his thirst quenched with a Coke and bumbling his lines for Golden Flake, “the flavorite chip of the SPC.”

It was kinda sorta his dad’s Auburn advertising airwaves debut, too.

The father / son angle was understandably irresistible to sports writers and ESPN producers throughout Bowden’s tenure on the Plains, but apparently even the ad wizards for Osmose and LDDS couldn’t resist.

Bobby Bowden appeared in two of the six commercials that first aired in between Phil Snow and Terry’s breakdown of the beginning of the Bowden Era: Terry’s first spot for Osmose, the instantly classic “You’re kite about that, roach” spot, and a commercial for LDDS, “the official long distance carrier of the Auburn Alumni Association.” That one had Terry calling Bobby to advertise something called a calling card that when used by Auburn fans could divert a few phone bill pennies into the AU coffers “even if the person on the end doesn’t exactly wear our colors.”

(Can’t see the video? Try here.)

But his dad’s shadow wasn’t the only one Bowden’s endorsement deals couldn’t escape. Bowden also had to tag-team a Colonial Bank campaign with his Osmose old timer Pat Dye, who delivered his blessings to his successor in not one but two Colonial commercials, which strangely were shown just one break apart. I say strangely because even though you knew they had to have been filmed at the same time, you’d think that the second spot, in which Dye tells his breakfast buddy that “the man has done a good job,” would have been saved and presented as a sort of sequel after the man had done a good job. I mean, the man had done a good job… in that one and only game. But it’s weird seeing it so soon after Dye’s preseason prediction that “he’ll do just fine.”

Video: Auburn Obsessive.

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