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19-year-old Auburn dropout snags female lead in SyFy film ‘Cobragator’

Hedda’d for Hollywood: 19-year-old former Auburn University student Savannah Goldsmith (center) will star in a SyFy Channel movie about a cobragator called “Cobragator.”

October 10 was Savannah Goldsmith’s last day as an Auburn student.

After visiting Florida this summer, the 19-year-old freshman decided to transfer. To Hollywood. You probably would to if you were an Auburn Theatre major already scoring lead roles in SyFy killer mutant reptile movies starring the guy who cut off the cop’s ear in Reservoir Dogs and produced by Roger Corman.

From the Auburn Plainsman:

In the past few years, she (Goldsmith) was an extra in TV shows such as “Devious Maids” and “Necessary Roughness” and films such as “The Watch,” but this summer, her career took a promising step forward.

In June, Goldsmith starred as the female lead in “Cobragator,” a horror, sci-fi flick set to air on the Syfy channel in January.

In “Cobragator,” Goldsmith plays Aubrey, a member of a punk rock band who goes to a swamp to film a music video and encounters a genetically mutated reptile – the cobragator.

On the set of "Cobragator"...
Goldsmith (far right) chilling on the set of “Cobragator”…

“It (“Cobragator”) was the best experience of my life,” Goldsmith told the Plainsman. “I know without a doubt it’s what I want to do.”

After wrapping on “Cobragator”, Goldsmith said she was approached by several talent agencies wanting to represent her. She eventually signed with Rare Quality Models and Talent, a Christian-friendly agency based in Dothan.

You can read the Plainsman’s big feature on Goldsmith, who broke her last leg at Auburn—she was the star of “Hedda Gabler”—only three weeks ago, and all the opportunities opening up for her here.

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