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VIDEO: Auburn loyalties of new Medal of Honor recipient Bennie G. Adkins discussed by Obama, Fox News

Seriously… this is the second one this year.

Another day, another Auburn fan receiving the Medal of Honor.

In March, it was Auburn shirt-wearing Lance Cpl. Kyle Carpenter, USMC, who in 2010 put himself between a fellow Marine and a Taliban hand grenade. On Monday it was Army Command Sgt. Maj. Bennie G. Adkins, a former Green Beret who before graduating from Troy and opening an accounting firm in Auburn dragged wounded comrades through enemy fire during an 86 hour battle along the Ho Chi Minh trail. After killing 150 or so Viet Cong soldiers, Adkins fended off an actual tiger, so “maybe it’s no small coincidence,” Fox News’ Trace Gallagher told Megyn Kelly during Monday night’s episode of The Kelly File, “that he loves the Auburn Tigers to this day.” (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

Gallagher wasn’t the only one to make special mention of where Adkins’ football loyalties lie.

“He’s living outside Auburn, and yes he is a fan of the Auburn Tigers,” President Obama told those gathered at the White House Monday for Medal of Honor ceremony, “although I did a poll of the family and there are some Crimson Tide fans here, so there are obviously some divisions.” (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

You can watch the whole ceremony here.

h/t Kathleen Saal, John Todd; video: Jeff Poor

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