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VIDEO: Atlanta teen professes her undying devotion to Auburn, Aubie during anesthesia stupor following wisdom teeth extraction (and it’s amazing)

UPDATE: Teen who poured her Auburn soul out after wisdom teeth extraction recovering nicely, dishes dirt on Dayton.

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War Eagle, man—Mattie Griffith is your new favorite Auburn fan.

Even under the gas, 18-year-old Mattie Griffith knew she was in good hands, thanks to the Auburn degree she saw hanging on Dr. Henry Blair’s wall.

“War Eagle, man!” she garbled as he extracted her wisdom teeth on Wednesday. “Fly down the field.”

“She started talking right about how he was a good man and he was from Auburn,” says Mattie’s mother Amy, an artist with Marietta-based, sports-themed home decor company Glory Haus (she came up with the Burlee). “That’s when I hit ‘record.'”

And God bless her for it, because the resulting video of Mattie, still heavily under the influence of Dr. Blair’s anesthesia and a lifelong devotion to the Auburn Tigers—her grandfather, Doc Griffith, played fullback for Auburn in the early 60s—is possibly the most adorable display of Auburn Spirit you’ll see this football season, maybe ever. (Can’t see it? Try here.)

“War Eagle, oh War Eagle!” she cries through a haze of happy tears while pondering the Tigers chances against San Jose State Saturday. “I really hope they win!”

I think they will, Amy assures her—remember the Arkansas game?

Yes, Mattie remembered. But some haters named Royce and Dayton—or DAYTON as Mattie says it in total, complete, hilarious disgust—apparently didn’t think Auburn’s performance was all that impressive. Did Mattie think it was impressive?


Then when the love letter to Aubie stuff starts.

“I love Aubie, he’s so awesome,” Mattie wails. “He’s just so cool. He’s not like those other tigers—like the lion that was hugging that man? He’s not like that. He’s really nice, he’s never attacked anybody! That’s why he’s so cool! He’s just so cool…”

No, you’re cool, Mattie.

The senior at Hillgrove High School, which is just outside Atlanta, hopes to attend Auburn next fall and pursue a career in sports training.

Mattie Griffith, with brothers Samuel and Tucker, before the 2013 Auburn-West Carolina game. [photo: Amy Griffith]
As for sharing the video on Facebook, Amy says Mattie “was totally fine with it.”

“She thinks it’s hilarious,” Amy says. “I showed it to her that night. She was laughing, she was still kind of loopy. She said ‘maybe we can get some tickets out of this.'”

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