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Rory McIlroy talks Auburn football after tee shot lands in Tigers fan’s pocket

UPDATE: We tracked him down.

Rory McIlroy hit a golf ball into an Auburn fan’s pocket earlier today at the Tour Championship in Atlanta (VIDEO). The least he could was talk Auburn football with him.

“I had a nice conversation about Auburn football,” McIlroy told Golf Channel announcers, who asked him about the one-in-a-million shot.

Except it was maybe closer to two in a million.

“Have you ever seen anything like that in all of your days of playing golf?”

Yes, actually. Earlier this year.

“It happened to me at the Scottish Open earlier this year,” McIlroy replied. “It went up some guy’s pant leg and finished somewhere in his groin area. I said I wasn’t going in to reach it there and I definitely wasn’t going into that guy’s pocket, either.”


(Can’t see the video? Try here.)

h/t Craig Brady; video: Jeff Poor

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