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‘There was never a catch in any form!’ Vanderbilt ‘touchdown’ ‘catch’ in 2001 Auburn game is possibly the worst blown call in football history

Look, look, I’m sure there are people that are going to get all up in arms about how some Michigan or Texas or some team’s upright-splitting field was No Good’ed by the refs way back, or about some obscure CFL game when a guy ran the wrong way and still scored a touchdown, and try to make me feel bad for not knowing anything about anything. And imma let you finish…

But a guy not catching a ball in bounds or, you know, even catching it out of bounds—as in, Dan Stricker didn’t catch the ball, as in THE BALL WAS NOT CAUGHT—but still “scoring” a “touchdown” is one of the worst, absolute worst, inexfreakin’plicable blown calls of all time, OF ALL TIME. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

“Holy mackerel.”

“Oh what a terrible, terrible call!”

“That may be as bad as you’ll ever see.”

“How can he call that a touchdown?”

“The line judge was looking right at it?”

“Oh for goodness sakes!”

“Wait till this SEC officiating crew gets a load of that one.”

“‘Questionable’ may be gracious there.”

“He’s looking right at it. Look at that? How do you miss that?! How do you miss that?!”

“Unbelievable. I cannot believe it.”

“He didn’t even catch the football! There was never a catch in any form! Holy cow!”

“Rarely do you see one blown that much! He didn’t even catch the football in bounds or out of bounds!”

h/t @AU_History.

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