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VIDEO: Beano Cook tells ESPN Auburn No. 1 in 1993

You’d see the quotes floating around citation-less in message boards and stuff—“If they’re (Auburn) the only undefeated, untied team on the night of Jan. 1, they would get my first-place vote. Why not? I go by the way a team performs. Auburn has done everything in a tough league—but, ah, now let there Beano doubt about that thing we always bring up about Mr. Cook having the beans in 1993 to be objective with his AP poll and place Auburn up top. We have video! (Can’t see it? Try here.)

“Let me tell you something,” Cook told ESPN’s Sunday SportsDay Nov. 21, the day after Auburn beat Alabama, “the Associated Press tells me to pick the 25 best teams in the country and they include Auburn. Auburn’s 11-0. What am I supposed to do—not include them?”

Now, sure, OK—he adds a Nebraska-Florida State “however”that suggests, as some Negative Nellys are wont to point out, that he didn’t have Auburn at No. 1 in his final poll, despite his Nov. 3 promise. But I take Beano at his word. Polls can be tampered with. Do you have video of Beano reeling off his final Beano’s Best? NEITHER DO I.

What I do have is a video of Beano Cook saying “yes” when asked if Terry Bowden had won the national championship before his dad. Sure, the question was just a hurried, ha-ha bounce back to Robin “War Eagle! War Eagle!” Roberts, but the answer is still totally worthy of a national champs T-shirt! (There’s precedent.)

“Well, Beano was always out there,” Terry Bowden laughed when I reminded him of Cook’s stumping for the Tigers. “Beano was a different bird, he wouldn’t be afraid to say something like that.”

But that doesn’t mean Coach doesn’t think he wasn’t right.

Video: Auburn Obsessive.

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