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The Blender: Cam Newton now has his own Gatorade flavor

Gatorade has a new, but as of yet little publicized campaign going right now: “The League of Captains”—flavors branded with DC Comics makeovers of impact NFL players. Robert Griffin III, Peyton Manning… but you don’t get more impact than the Blessed Individual—excuse me, “The Blender.”

Auburn student-flavored Gatorade.

No word yet on whether Cam’s magic blend is among the ingredients. If not, that’s a blown opportunity; there’s already an established customer base.

The Auburn student, who signed an endorsement deal with the sports drink giant in early 2012, has actually been featured on Gatorade packaging before; his was the face on a Carolina Panthers limited edition bottle produced in 2012. The Blender first made an appearance in a comic book published in 2013.

h/t @FearlessandTrue; photo: @D_Steady_Beaman

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