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Shaquille O’Neal Kendall Simmons and family represent Auburn on ‘The Today Show’

Al Roker has a knack for awkward encounters with Auburn fans on The Today Show plaza (I think it’s just because he expects so much).

In March, he assumed that some Loveliest lovelies were in the Big Apple for March Madness. No. They weren’t. In fact, their school’s basketball coach had been fired the day before for that very reason (and other very reasons).

Monday morning, it wasn’t that he failed to recognize Auburn great turned Pittsburgh Steeler great turned diabetes’ worst nightmare Kendall Simmons (as the Bama-shirted creeper behind Simmons no doubt failed to as well), nor even that he took the mic to Kendall and Co. because he thought he looked like Shaquille O’Neal and because his wife Celesta looked like Michelle Obama. It’s because he put Simmons’ on the spot by asking them to come up with the name of their local NBC affiliate. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

His daughter Kensley, the one with the “War Eagle” on her sign, tried to help him out: “I think it’s 9.” Hey, Kensley—that’s as good as guess as any. I still get confused with the whole 12 (WSFA-Montgomery) or 13 (WLTZ-Columbus) thing. That always threw me for a loop when I’d come down to Grandmama’s: WHY IS GOLDEN GIRLS COMING ON ON TWO CHANNELS?!

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