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Sammie Coates tops Bruce Feldman’s annual Football Freaks list

Sammie Coates, Freak.
Sammie Coates, Freak.

TWER’s post celebrating the most devastating stiff arm of all time was just one of many things that convinced now Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman to list Sammie Coates as his number one ‘Freak’ for the 2014 college football season. But there were reasons a plenty.

Coates’ speed and explosiveness became something of an Internet legend two months ago when one of the Tigers assistant coaches tweeted out pictures of a stopwatch for RB Corey Grant showing a 4.14 time and Coates was 4.16. Those times draw plenty of skepticism when you consider that they’re a full tenth of a second faster than anything posted officially at the NFL Combine this year (Kent State’s Dri Archer blazed a 4.26). Still, on a team loaded with stud athletes, Coates does stand out, says Tigers strength coach Ryan Russell.

Asked about Coates’ 40-time, Russell said they use hand times (which are often faster than electronic times) and they clocked him eight times, dropped out the highest and lowest and said he was at 4.25. Coates’ vertical jump: 44 inches. He benches 405 pounds. Maybe even more impressively, Russell said, the wideout did three strict chin-up reps despite have three 45-pound plates strapped to a weight belt around his waist. “He’s just a stud,” said Russell. “He really has a ton of God-given ability.”

You can read Feldman’s thoughts on the 19 also-rans here.

Coates was also just named to the Maxwell Award watch list.

Photo: Julie Bennett / al.com

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