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VIDEO: Auburn linebacker coach Reggie Herring goes berserk in locker room after beating Florida State in 1990, leads AU players in FSU war chant

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Auburn Coaches Gone Wyl’d.

It’d been so dang close the last few years, what with the FSU secondary, in the words of the ABC announcers, “getting away with manslaughter” and all. But 1990 was going to be the year. The Florida State game was such a big deal—Auburn was ranked 5th, FSU 7th—even Paw Paw, who isn’t really that in to football, agreed to drive the motor home around the Smokeys to try to find a campground with not just sewage hookup but with something close to cable or at least a place with decent signal. And he did, and the cousin and I grabbed the Pop Tarts and Shasta and camped out on the bed in the back glued to the snowy screen to see if this new freshman sensation quarterback of ours could finally beat the Seminoles. The reception was bad. Jim Von Lyl’s kick was good.

I remember being so bummed out we weren’t back home in time to see the review. I remember hearing the locker room footage at the beginning was wild.

It’s, like, 1980s football movie wild. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

Auburn linebackers coach Reggie Herring—who, we should remember, was one of the best linebackers in Florida State history… who, we should remember, had just been inducted into the Florida State Hall of Fame—looks like a berserk, balding Dauber from Coach as he leads the locker room in the FSU war chant (which, hey, apparently began during an Auburn game / win) only to to be hoisted into the air by one of his soldiers and swallowed alive in merciless sea of tomahawk chops. Then Pat Dye, cigar in hand (again), summons Ricky Sutton to the altar to praise him for his game-changing, fourth down sack of FSU quarterback Casey Weldon. And by praise him, I mean whip him—hard—across the head with his Auburn baseball hat.

(To be fair, Dye was occasionally on the receiving end of victory violence himself.)

“I think the scene in the dressing room there with Coach Herring… displayed what all of us else felt about as good anybody could,” a laughing Pat Dye told Phil Snow when it came time for commentary.

“And he’s a fiery guy,” Snow replied.

“He is, and one of the great coaches in the country.”

Herring’s currently coaching linebackers for the Chicago Bears.

Video: Auburn Obsessive.

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