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  1. The Auburn players and coaches weren’t the only ones chanting that night. I remember very distinctly that was the game we took BACK the “war chant.” Every time the FSU faithful tried to start it up that night in Jordan-Hare, the Auburn fans completely overwhelmed them by throwing that same chant right back at them. I will never, ever forget the stunned looks of utter confusion on the faces of FSU fans as we drowned them out with their own chant.

  2. This is (all wins over UAT removed) my favorite win in Auburn football history. In the 89 game, FSU won and as our team left the field the Marching Chiefs played Rocky Top (Auburn had lost to Tennessee 2 weeks prior) and then played our fight song off key. And then BLAIRED the War Chant. No one at the stadium in orange and blue was pleased one bit. The moment that December 2nd, 1989 was over, this was the next circle the wagons game on the calendar and it was an honor to be in attendance.

  3. I was in the stands for that one and still tell the stories today. We were there well over 30 min after the game was over tomahawkin and just absolutely going nuts. Players came back out and rousted us into a frenzy again. It was a beautiful night on the plains!

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