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‘SACKRIFICED’: The front page of the Montgomery Advertiser’s 2005 Iron Bowl sports section will make you smile

chizik sacked

The Montgomery Advertiser has a proud history of powerful puns when headlining their coverage of momentous Auburn occasions. The Gene Chizik firing issue? A lot of people chuckled. A lot of people complained. But their choice for the morning after the 2005 Iron Bowl, especially when combined with the full-page …

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Pat Dye, belly dancer

Screenshot 2014-07-28 07.46.32

New Years Eve eve, 1989. Busch Gardens. The legendary Pat Dye, about to lead his Auburn team to victory over John Cooper’s Ohio State Buckeyes in the 1990 Hall of Fame Bowl, lays his guts on the line, as it were. Phil Snow: “And Dye appeared to grasp the subtleties …

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Life Cycle of a Highlight: 10 years later, Bret Eddins reflects on the most visually effective sack in Auburn history

Will Auburn fans be able to audit "Form Tackling 101" before football games this season?

It’s been ten years since Bret Eddins achieved Auburn immortality with what was arguably the most visually effective sack in Auburn history. You’ve seen it a million times, in virtually every Auburn entrance or “historical hype” video of the past decade. Eddins, a defensive end, makes it around the tackle …

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