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‘The man has done a good job’: Terry Bowden, Pat Dye team up for 1993 Colonial Bank commercial

"Yep, the man has done a good job."
In 1993, Pat Dye could finally dine in peace.

It was such a special torch passing, so warm, so genuine. Meant to be, really.

That first year, you could see it in their eyes in the sweaty sideline Birmingham News photo enlargements that did so well during the 1993 Christmas season. You could see it in the sweaty post-Iron Bowl victory locker room video as they both stood up there talking cee-gars and true champions and Auburn Men.

And I’d totally forgotten, but you could even see it in that Colonial Bank commercial they tag-teamed. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

Oh, and word is one of the star struck youths at the beginning of the video is the proprietor of Hank’s House of Houndstooth

Lulu-Vision’: @AU_History.

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