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Auburn media guides have been ‘acknowledging’ national championships for 1913, 1983, 1993, 2004 teams for years

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The Auburn National Championship Genome Project has been making bloglines ever since the publication of Birmingham lawyer Michael Skotnicki’s 2012 book Auburn’s Unclaimed National Champions. The project was officially acknowledged and even smiled upon by AU’s Athletic Department just before Auburn took on Florida State for what would have possibly …

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The Aubiecaster: Author, Auburn fan has the world’s first custom-built Iron Bowl victory guitar


Will Collier—author, blogger, Auburn man—always wanted an “Auburned-up” guitar, whatever that means. This is what that means. “I thought about building one myself for a while before remembering my inherent lack of carpentry skills,” Collier says. “This year I finally broke down and ordered a custom job from Moniker Guitars …

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[UPDATED] Auburn man among real POWs featured in ‘Back To Bataan’; John Wayne film premiered at Tiger Theatre

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[UPDATE] After some digging in the Plainsman, we’ve learned that the world premiere of Back To Bataan was actually held at the Tiger Theatre, thanks of course to Green’s Auburn connection. He didn’t graduate from API. But he married an Auburn girl and they lived at 326 Armstrong Street, and hey, …

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