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Loveliest of the Plains: Phylis Scales a tree stump, 1960

Let’s just say Auburn had a different way of grieving the loss of its College Street oak trees back in 1960.

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Jul7 27, 1960: “SURVEYING THE SCENE of destruction and future construction iis this week’s ‘Loveliest’ Phylis Scales. Phylis, Atlanta’s contribution to the freshman class divides her time between Dorm Six and Biggin Hall. Interested in construction, she has a front row seat when the new library goes up.”

That’s actually the higher quality version of Phylis Scales stumping for Auburn that appeared in the August 1960 issue of the Auburn Alumnews, which so resembled the Plainsman in the 50s and 60s it featured the Plainsman’s loveliest Loveliest in each monthly issue (this is in the alumni magazine, people).

But they also typically provided a bit more context to what was going on.


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