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Shug Jordan’s last name actually used to be included in the ‘Pronunciations’ section of Auburn football media guides

Love thinking about the double takes from the cub reporters their first day on the job. It’d be a great short scene for the Shug biopic.

Jimmy pours himself a cup of joe, loads a sheet into his new Smith-Corona Skyriter, and cracks open the crisp 1960 media guide for the Auburn Tigers.

Jimmy: “Jordan? They actually think they have to tell me how to pronounce Jordan? Wait–JUR-Dun, what the…”

That’s right, saying it correctly—”JER-don” in 1956, “JUR-dun” in 1960—was a matter of media guide-worthy policy once upon a time.

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For all the well-meaning Auburn students who flub it in ESPN gameday interstitials, it probably still should be.

Mrs. Shug was, we recently learned, was exempt.

Related: Listen to Lindsey Nelson and Tom Brookshier discuss the pronunciation of Shug Jordan’s name during CBS’ broadcast of the 1973 Sun Bowl.

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